About us

Many companies go through business planning projects and develop Mission Statements and Vision Statements, as did Radius Display Products in 2006. Those Statements usually collect dust and are seldom seen or heard again after the executives file them away. Here at Radius Display Products however, we live and breathe our Mission and Vision every day. As a matter of fact these statements were a reflection of who we already were when they were developed. Our Mission and Visions are part of our culture and come natural to us. Quite simply, they reflect our greatest strengths. Just ask any of the clients we've done business with over the past 30+ years.

Our Vision

To be everyone's favorite display supplier.

Our Mission

We help our customers solve their display needs with simple, portable, high quality products and services that provide value.

We treat our customers and vendors with integrity and provide an environment for our employees that encourages teamwork and excellence.

About Us

Radius Display Products was founded as “Display Products” in 1977 to bring to market the first full line of fabric trade show exhibits and displays. Our original line of imprinted throw covers, table runners, table skirting, backdrops, and banners are still the standard that others are measured by and many have tried to copy. Key to our success over the years has been our long tenured staff of trade show professionals. None of the many screen printers or graphic houses that have entered our industry have our years of expertise in the highly demanding and time sensitive industry that is the trade show exhibit market.

In 1991 Display Products entered the Hospitality market. The quick turnaround times and personal customer service that made us so successful in the exhibit market were a breath of fresh air to our Hospitality clients that were tired of living by the manufacturers' time schedules.

About the time Display Products was pioneering its line of fabric trade show exhibits, another company, north of the US border in Canada, was pioneering its own line of portable displays. Hanna Design (more commonly known as Radius Displays) in Toronto created the Pole Panel™, The Folding Stackables™, and Pre-Set (later renamed Xpress® Set) lines of portable exhibits. These products had in common their light weights, portability, and no-tool designs. The simple beauty of the designs are still evident today as these products remain industry standards in their space.

Both Display Products and Radius Displays had much in common and in fact worked together many times both directly and indirectly through the years as the trade show exhibit industry grew. Since both product lines complemented each other, the companies’ customer lists had a lot in common as well. It is safe to say that the majority of the Folding Stackables tabletop exhibits sold in the US sat on Display Products® Throw Covers. So it was a natural match when Display Products acquired the major assets of Radius Display in 2004. By melding the two product lines, the company can offer a full and unique line of fabric and portable displays that both complement and enhance each other. You only have to look at RasterPrint™ Loop graphics on one of the portable exhibits such as a Folding Stackable tabletop to see what we mean.

In 2007, Display Products changed its name to Radius Display Products. This new name and image represents the full melding of two lines that have a long and proud history in the Trade Show Exhibit industry.