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“I just wanted to let you know that I received our backdrops and they are beautiful!  As always, thank you for your awesome customer service!!”
– Kathie M.


“I wanted to take a moment to thank you guys for the new table skirt!  It looks great and was delivered today, just as promised.  Kudos to you both! We appreciate your generous efforts on this project.”
– Jeff M.


“Thank you so much for being a partner in my business. I will continue to refer Radius to my associates. You made me look good!”
– Mona C.


“You help me every day to prove to my salespeople that your suppliers are as important to you as your customers!”
– Tess S.


“We have decided to sell your twill products exclusively when our clients ask. They are not the cheapest, just the best!”
– Al S.


“I wanted to let you know that the printed panels were absolutely fantastic and were very well received by our management and attendees. Many folks stopped for photo ops in front of the panels, and the interior lighting far exceeded my expectations. They looked great.  The quality of the fabric and the great detail that went into making sure the edges work seamlessly with the tracks was greatly appreciated. The panels will be used next in DC in June, and I am looking forward to using them again. I know it was a rather challenging process to meet the unique needs of some in this group, but your team produced a great product that far exceeds what we have used in the past. Thank you for your work and I look forward to using Radius for other projects.”
– Scott S.


“Your great customer service always makes my day!”
– Jericho B.


“I appreciate it! Your customer service is worth the freight!”
– Jen C.


“Very happy with both the quality and customer service provided by Radius. I saw a picture of the graphic and it looked great. Thank you for helping out with the project!”
– Nate S.


“It’s always a pleasure working with Radius.”
– Lee. H.


“Thanks also for the great service. There’s a reason why I’m loyal to RDP!”
– Janet D.


“You all are awesome!”
– Vince M.


“The team at Radius Display really takes the time to be a good business partner!”
– Alice R.


“We can’t wait to start promoting them to our clients!! I am so happy with all of your products and can’t wait to see the back wall and our tablecloths!!”
– K. M.


“Thanks again for all your help…I really appreciate having a vendor like you -- you make us look good too!!!”
– Mary F.


“You are my only ‘go-to’. I don’t like to ‘shop’. I know there are others, and price differences…but I have never had a complaint and I know I never will with Radius”
– Diana G.


“Monday I spoke to my contact regarding an upcoming project. He was all positive about the Radius Feather Flags used last weekend. On Thursday they showed up when expected. On Saturday the Oklahoma wind blew all day long. He said that they were easy to set up, provided wonderful visibility to their point of sales, and stayed in place all day long. Easy setup, very effective, easy tear down and storage. Double thumbs up!!”
– Jonathan W.


“Wow. I'm so thrilled--you made my day!!! WHOO HOO!!”
– Gina M.


“We love the relationship we have with you and your Radius team!! Congratulations on 40 years!”
– Cathy A.


“I got in our order today and you guys never cease to amaze. I’m so proud of it. Thank you so much. We have a big rodeo in this weekend and I’ve already got it set up to show off! Thanks!”
– Adam T.


“We use black stretch covers (that we purchased from Radius!) We like the stretch fabric because it’s a modern, clean look and it’s super easy to care for. They’re all machine washable and instead of folding and ironing, they can go straight from the dryer to stuffed into a plastic tote. Any wrinkles that they have come out instantly when the cover is put on a table. Easy to use, easy to clean and easy to store. It’s been a nice ‘add-on’ item for us to sell. I would highly recommend Radius, not only because they are association members but also because they always deliver on what they promise.”
– Don C.


“We love your fabric – some of our skirts are 10 years old and they are still in constant use.”
– Bill C.


“Thanks again for all the help. You bailed us out!”
– Jarrod C.


“Our client stated that the one with your tag is the one they want to duplicate because it is much better quality than the other they had ordered.”
– Larry G.


“Nice work.  I’ll send all my team your way for future banner work. Thanks again”
– Ryan C.


“I must compliment your employees on their customer service. I can tell they really care. Being a salesperson myself I really pick up on that. You’re all aces in my book.”
– Matt C.


“We received them today and they look A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Hope the client is as happy as I am!”
– Susan S.


“Excellent service, beautiful product, on time delivery, and a great partner in my business.“
– B. B.