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Think Fabric® That's what we've been telling our clients since 1977 so when you work with us, you're working with the fabric expert of the trade show exhibit industry. We create our products from a wide selection of fabrics in a rainbow of colors using our decades of experience with fabric dye, inks, appliques, and sublimation technology.


Twill is our most popular fabric with the broadest color palette we offer. Very flexible for a multitude of applications. White Twill is the default fabric used for our RasterPrint™ process.


  • 100% Polyester
  • 12 oz (per sq yard).
  • Flame Retardant (NFPA 701, CA)
  • Machine Washable
  • Dye lots may vary*

Twill Fire Certificate | Download

CA Twill Fire Certificate | Download

Twill, White

Twill, Silver Cloud
PMS 5315u

Twill, Gray
PMS 423c

Twill, Graphite
PMS 5473u

Twill, Charcoal
PMS Cool Gray11c

Twill, Black

Twill, Peach
PMS 162c

Twill, Carnation
PMS 487c

Twill, Bone
PMS 7506u

Twill, Beige
PMS 7502u

Twill, Sable
PMS 466u

Twill, Terra Cotta
PMS 174c

Twill, Brown
PMS 476c

Twill, Blush
PMS 501c

Twill, Dusty Rose
PMS 702u

Twill, Rosewood
PMS 4995c

Twill, Raspberry
PMS 7432c

Twill, Magenta
PMS 213u

Twill, Burgundy
PMS 209c

Twill, Wine
PMS 7421c

Twill, Bordeaux
PMS 202c

Twill, Red
PMS 200c

Twill, Light Blue
PMS 629c

Twill, Blueberry
PMS 301u

Twill, Dark Blue
PMS 2935u

Twill, Royal Blue
PMS 661c

Twill, Imperial Blue
PMS 280c

Twill, Navy
PMS 295u

Twill, Teal
PMS 321u

Twill, Jade
PMS 350c

Twill, Kelly Green
PMS 356c

Twill, Basil
PMS 5545c

Twill, Olive
PMS 7493c

Twill, Sage
PMS 556u

Twill, Grape
PMS 2627c

Twill, Purple
PMS 2597c

Twill, Plum
PMS 229u

Twill, Lavender
PMS 516c

Twill, Yellow
PMS 7403u

Twill, Canary
PMS 115c

Twill, Cognac
PMS 143c

Twill, Gold
PMS 138u

Twill, Orange
PMS 172c

Twill, Walnut
PMS 464c

Twill, Hot Pink
PMS 806c

Twill, Neo Blue
PMS 801c

Twill, Green Apple
PMS 369c

Twill, Amethyst
PMS 2592c

Twill, Pumpkin
PMS 167c

Twill, Lilac
PMS 2635c



Just as the name implies, our stretch fabric is highly elastic and therefore unique in its ability to form to whatever it covers. This fabric is primarily used for table or AV equipment covers.


  • 100% Polyester
  • 8 oz. (per sq yard)
  • Flame Retardant (NFPA 701, CA)
  • Machine Washable (see Care Instructions below)
  • Dye lots may vary*
  • Custom colors available with increased lead time

Stretch Fire Certificate | Download

Stretch, White

Stretch, Black

Stretch, Red
PMS 186c

Stretch, Wine
PMS 202c

Stretch, Hunter
PMS 3305c

Stretch, Royal Blue
PMS 2935u



Dura™ is a woven material with the flexibility and feel of fabric, and the resiliency and repellant qualities of vinyl. Like fabric it can be sewn, pleated, washed, and even imprinted. Like vinyl it is water, oil, grease, and even bleach resistant. We can manufacture throw covers, runners, toppers, skirting, accessory covers and more using Dura. Use Dura to cover tables at your next outdoor event, or when you want a wipeable cover that is oh so easy to clean on the fly!


  • 100% Nylon
  • Water, oil, and grease repellant
  • NOT Flame Retardant
  • Machine Washable (see Care Instructions below)
  • Dye lots may vary*

DURA, White

DURA, Black

PMS 1945c

DURA, Blue
PMS 7686c



A rich sueded fabric for applications that require an extra aire of elegance.


  • 100% Polyester
  • 7.5 oz.(per sq yard)
  • Flame Retardant (NFPA 701, CA)
  • Machine Washable (see Care Instructions below)
  • Dye lots may vary*
  • Custom colors available with increased lead time

Cameo Fire Certificate | Download

Cameo, White

Cameo, Black

Cameo, New Gray
PMS Cool Gray 9u

Cameo, Royal Blue
PMS 2955c

Cameo, Red
PMS 201c

Cameo, Forest Green
PMS 554c

Cameo, Beige
PMS 726u

Cameo, Taupe
PMS 7605u

Cameo, Rose
PMS 696c

Cameo, Burgundy
PMS 7428c



The height of elegance, this silk-like satin is 100% polyester so it stands up to repeated use.


  • 100% Polyester
  • 10 oz.(per sq yard)
  • Flame Retardant (NFPA 701, CA)
  • Machine Washable (see Care Instructions below)
  • Dye lots may vary*
  • Custom colors available with increased lead time

Satin Fire Certificate | Download

Satin, Black

Satin, Beige
PMS 7506c

Satin, Chablis
PMS 693c

Satin, Burgundy
PMS 209c

Satin, Red
PMS 201c

Satin, Blue
PMS 2955c

Satin, Gold
PMS 142c



A rich, lightweight fabric with just the right amount texture to lend an aire of elegance.


  • 100% Polyester
  • 12 oz.(per sq yard)
  • Flame Retardant (NFPA 701, CA)
  • Machine Washable (see Care Instructions below)
  • Dye lots may vary*
  • Custom colors available with increased lead time

Luster Fire Certificate | Download

Luster, White

Luster, Black

Luster, Beige
PMS 426u

Luster, Silver Gray
PMS Cool Gray 1u

Luster, Cadet Blue
PMS 294c

Luster, Burgundy
PMS 7435c



Our Velour fabric is perfect for applications where you need to block light. This cotton velour also provides a degree of sound damping.


  • 100% Cotton
  • 16oz
  • Flame Retardant (NFPA 701, SC-191-53 Class 1 CA)
  • Dry clean only.

Velour Fire Certificate | Download

Velour, Black

Velour, New Gray
PMS 423u

Velour, Burgundy
PMS 7428c

Velour, Presidential Blue
PMS 295c



The light-blocking, sound-damping, and non-reflective benefits of cotton velour, without the weight, shrinkage, and extra care requirements. More and more of our clients are moving away from cotton and to our Poly Velour. It is both easier to work with due to lighter weight, and more durable and easier to care for.


  • 26% Lighter than cotton velour
  • 90% Blackout (approx.)
  • 100% Polyester
  • Flame Retardant (NFPA 701, SC-191-53 Class 1 CA)
  • Machine Washable

Poly Velour Fire Certificate | Download

Poly Velour, Black

Poly Velour, New Gray
PMS 423u

Poly Velour, Burgundy
PMS 7428c

Poly Velour, Presidential Blue
PMS 295c




Premier, Lava

Premier, Cinder
PMS Cool Gray 11c

Premier, Charcoal
PMS Cool Gray 9c

Premier, Steel
PMS Cool Gray 7c

Premier, Nebula
PMS 282c

Premier, Monarch
PMS 280c

Premier, Persian Blue
PMS 288c

Premier, Electric Red
PMS 200c

Premier, Maroon
PMS 7421c

Premier, Beach
PMS 4675c

Premier, Kelly Green
PMS 343c

Premier, Ice Blue
PMS 7544c

Premier, Stonewash
PMS 646c

Premier, Olive
PMS 5743c

Premier, Gunmetal
PMS 408c

Premier, Sunflower
PMS 1235c

Premier, Venus
PMS 2765c

Premier, Martini
PMS Cool Gray 1c

Premier, Vintage
PMS 7546c

Premier, Lagoon
PMS 7463c




Regal, Carbon

Regal, Chrome
PMS 429c

Regal, Storm
PMS 424c

Regal, Sapphire
PMS 2757c

Regal, Azure Blue
PMS 287c

Regal, Chili Pepper
PMS 200c

Regal, Saturn
PMS 653c

Regal, Mediterranean
PMS 433c

Regal, Blue Pearl
PMS 7544c

Regal, Stone
PMS 409c

Regal, Meadow
PMS 3435c




Canvas, White
( T / G )

Canvas, Black
( T / G )

Canvas, Charcoal
PMS 437u
( T / G )

Canvas, Canary
PMS 108c
( T )

Canvas, Yellow
PMS 542u
( G )

Canvas, Curry
PMS 1245u
( T )

Canvas, Orange
PMS 173c
( T / G )

Canvas, Dusty Rose
PMS 493u
( T )

Canvas, Hot Pink
PMS 284u
( G )

Canvas, Flame Red
PMS 1807c
( T / G )

Canvas, Wine
PMS 195c
( T )

Canvas, Burgundy
PMS 7644c
( G )

Canvas, Purple
PMS 2965u
( G )

Canvas, Blueberry
PMS 2935u
( G )

Canvas, Indigo
PMS 542u
( T )

Canvas, Blue
PMS 2935u
( T / G )

Canvas, Periwinkle
PMS 284u
( T )

Canvas, Navy
PMS 2935u
( T / G )

Canvas, Teal
PMS 321u
( T )

Canvas, Kelly Green
PMS 341u
( T )

Canvas, Jade
PMS 343u
( T )

Canvas, Moss
PMS 555u
( T )

Canvas, Natural
PMS 7500u
( T )

Canvas, Brown
PMS 1545c
( T )

Canvas, Mocha
PMS 341u
( G )

Canvas, Khaki
PMS 343u
( G )



The following instructions apply to our Twill, Stretch, Cameo, Luster, and Satin fabrics:


  • Machine wash in cold or lukewarm water (90°F / 32°C) with mild detergent.
  • Do NOT use chlorine bleach
  • Do NOT dry clean
  • Products utilizing Velcro® hook-side fastener:
           Secure the hook fastener to itself to prevent fraying during washing and drying
  • Tumble dry at lowest heat setting and remove immediately to prevent wrinkling
  • Avoid extreme heat
  • No ironing necessary if care instructions are followed
  • If pressing is required for imprinted items, iron or steam from back side

Care Instructions | Download
"Velcro" is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries B.V.



The swatches represented here are intended to give you a relative idea of our color selection, and should not be relied on to accurately depict the actual fabric color. The PMS numbers listed are the "closest match" and are provided to aid you in determining the best match. Please do not consider the PMS number to be an exact match. Dye lots may vary.

If you need a more accurate color depiction, contact us and we'll send you an actual fabric sample swatch.