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Radius Display Products made its name over 40 years ago when we offered Screen Printed Throw Covers, Skirting, and Backdrops. Since then our Graphics Department has grown into the most experienced in the industry offering three distinct graphic imprint processes to match any requirement and budget. Each of our processes have individual advantages, depending on your requirements. But all have at least one thing in common: Radius Display Products. So you know you'll have the most experienced team in the industry producing your display.



RasterPrint is a dye-sublimation process that yields photographic images on fabric. With this process, the image becomes molecularly bonded to the fabric so it can be washed without fading the image. We can use the RasterPrint process with virtually any of our fabric products. Banners, backdrops, murals, Throw Covers...the possiblities are endless. In addition to using RasterPrint for photographic images, many of our clients have found it a cost effective way to print multi-colored logos on our Throw Covers or other products. Because RasterPrint has no set-up charge, you can produce your logo on a small number of units and spare yourself the multiple set-up charges of screen print.



Screen Printing is the best option if your logo requires an exact color match, contains fine detail (like small dot patterns), or if you require more than 30 pieces (the limit of our Xpress Scan imprint process). Silk Screen was our original imprint method when we started business over 40 years ago, and we've been doing it longer than anyone in the industry. There's virtually no job we cannot handle.



Xpress Scan is the original heat-applique imprint process in the Trade Show Exhibit industry. This process utilizes a software operated cutter to cut your graphic from a vinyl heat transfer media. From there the image is prepared and bonded to any of our fabric products using extreme heat and high pressure. The resulting image can be machine washed and will not crack or peel (guaranteed). Xpress Scan is the best imprint option when you do not have a custom color to match and are dealing with 30 or fewer pieces. If you require a higher quantity, need to match a color exactly, or your graphic is highly detailed, we recommend either our Silk Screen or RasterPrint processes.




Textured, White

Textured, Gray
PMS 422c


Textured, Red
PMS 199c

Textured, Magenta
PMS 233c

Textured, Orange
PMS 166c

Textured, Navy
PMS 282c

Textured, Dark Blue
PMS 281c

Textured, Kelly Green
PMS 356c

Textured, Bright Yellow
PMS 107c

Textured, Light Gold
PMS 137c

Textured, Purple
PMS 2627c

Glossy, White

Glossy, Gray
PMS 423c

Glossy, Black

Glossy, Maroon
PMS 504c

Glossy, Cardinal
PMS 201c

Glossy, Ruby
PMS 186c

Glossy, Dark Green
PMS 560c

Glossy, Emerald
PMS 349c

Glossy, Shark Teal
PMS 321u

Glossy, Columbia
PMS 660c

Glossy, Royal Blue
PMS 287c

Glossy, Purple
PMS 268c

Glossy, Maize
PMS 116c

Glossy, Sunbeam
PMS 1235c

Glossy, Old Gold
PMS 146u

Glossy, Orange
PMS 1665c

Glossy, Brown
PMS 412c

Glossy, Cream
PMS 7499u

Metallic, Silver
PMS 877c

Metallic, Gold
PMS 871c