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10'x10' Tent Canopy



Get noticed in a crowd with our easy to assemble Pop-up canopy tents!

Due to the size and complexity of manufacture of this item, please allow 7 business days for production plus normal shipping times when quoting delivery timeframe 

Further Description

Note regarding the life expectancy of Tents & Flags: These items are considered ‘consumable’ and not ‘durable' goods as they are expected to wear-out and need replacement. All textiles will eventually succumb to the elements, as they are not durable enough to withstand the rigors of outdoor use and it is impossible to accurately gauge how long your item(s) will last as weather is varied and unpredictable. UV levels, heat extremes, rain and wind patterns vary greatly and some areas may experience added stresses like freezing temperatures, acid rain, excessive pollution etc. 45-90 days based on daily usage from sunrise to sunset is considered the average even with UW coatings, but extreme weather can shorten this life expectancy to 30 days or less. Items taken inside each evening, when it’s raining, or exceptionally windy, can last a year or longer. Indoor use, under building overhangs, covered walkways, shaded areas, etc. can extend that life dramatically. Only trial and error will reveal how often you will need to replace the fabric portions of your tents and flags for your individual location, weather patterns and usage. Tent and flag hardware is warrantied for 30 days and for the reasons stated, we cannot warranty fabrics against fading, fraying or tearing.

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Quantity1 Production Time
Retail price$498.005 Bus. Days (Qty: 1-25)


Quantity1 Production Time
Retail price$637.445 Bus. Days (Qty: 1-25)

Product Details

COMMENTS : UW Polyester Canvas
IMPRINT : Rasterprint
INCLUDES : Printed Canvas
SIZE : 10Ft.x10Ft.
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